It is an important element to create the right working environment in our offices, which spend about 45 hours a week. In this context, what is the most important thing is to pay attention for selection?


Our Multimedia Apparatus

You can create personalized spaces with our Multimedia Apparatus which allows you to move away from traditional office desks and create more modern spaces.

End To Cable Pollution

Multimedia apparatus created as a solution for cable pollution in your office is the ideal structure for cable management. With different models such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB add-ons can be created quickly to meet your needs in practice.


The design for the EKSEN starts with the difference. While our design team develops our office furniture models, it aims to combine metal and wood in the best way by considering many elements such as Quality, Ergonomics, Details and Design

Creating unique office environments by reflecting the value of being unique in our collections.

As Eksen Family, we are listening to our customers while creating our business plans, reflecting what we listen to in our designs and realizing our designs within quality value criteria.


  1. Eksen Office Furniture was founded in 17.07.1991 in Nizip-Gaziantep by Mr. M.Emin YILDIRIR an area od 300 m² .

  2. We expanded our sales network by giving dealership in 1992. Metal tables and cabinets production has been started.

  3. We put our first office furniture store into servises in Nizip with a greatinauguration.

  4. We have started working on catalog for manufacturing of C-table group and asil table group  

  5. Researching and developing of new applications was started by establishing the R&D department.  

  6. We started to manufacture modular Office Furniture

  7. We expanded our production plant in 4500 squaremeters area where 3000 squaremeters of open 1500 squaremeters of covered area for Asil Buro, Engaging in the overseas inspection tour program. We switched to modern office production.

  8. We decided to leave the manufacture of steel group to achieve faster acceleration in the Office Furniture.

  9. Trainings were giving by Academy İnternational for indtitutionalization.

  10. Asil Buro and Emin Buro has decided to margerand EKSEN trade mark was patended.

  11. We have taken the TSE certificate, we have made our member registration to Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and Calebratedour 10th anniversary.

  12. We made our first export to the abroad.

  13. We sponsored the series of Kurtlar vadisi ( Valley Of Thewolves ), also we started advertising campaigns on national TV channels.

  14. We participated MUSIAD exhibition in İstanbul.

  15. We organized training courses and seminars. Dealer meeting washeld. First CNC Machine was purchased.

  16. İstanbul region store was founded for convenient distribution with in the Marmara regionand İstanbul.

  17. We participated first abroad exhibition.

  18. The machine section was renewed under the name of wooden section renovation.

  19. We organized training seminars in order to protect quality standarts in production.

  20. We supported industrial desinger, interior designer, architects, graphic designer, fashion designer, women as a sponsor of women's branch in design. We participated CNR exhibition in İstanbul.

  21. We participated CNR exhibition in İstanbul. We got the brand patend for Asil Buro.

  22. We participated CNR exhibition in İstanbul.

  23. We have enlarged our targets by establishing our modern facility in Nizip-Gaziantep E-90 highway on 20.000m² area with a grand opening ceremony. In addition, we increased our export rate to 25%.

  24. We participated orgatec exhibition in Köln / Germany.

  25. We made our first special fair. We brought together all our dealers in Turkey and abroad and introduced our new products and models.

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